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Headed to NOLA!

Redshirt sophomore Kaitlin Voll, will be serving as the Ole Miss women's golf blogger this weekend. She will be sharing some behind-the-scenes moments as the team opens the spring season at the AllState Sugar Bowl Classic in New Orleans.

Headed to NOLA!

After a delish and nutrish lunch from 1810, several U-turns later and 307 miles the Lady Rebels pull up in NOLA just in time to put the Ole Miss Sprinter van in the Mardi Gras parade. This morning the alarm clock in Katie, Taelor and Alison's room goes off an hour before breakfast so let's just say it no longer will be a problem anymoreJ

 This Saturday we are in our outfit of champions... LOUD MOUTH! Getting prepared for our practice round and harnessing the big energy of the city.  During the drive I had full intentions of studying and preparing for tests next week, but decide to try and rap. Not common I know, but this is what I came up with.

NOLA Rap (Ole Miss Women's Golf Style)

Our game is so fresh and clean,

The team dominates the green.

Taelor needs that cocoa bean

Before she does her preshot routine.

Here in Tulane we remain

Prayin that it doesn't rain.

We got swings like, Morgan/

We roll up in our "war vessel",

Hopin coach didn't forget Ethel.

The other girls try to be like tiger,

They just wanna hit that driver.

Yea the pin is what she seeks

I can see it all over Alison cheeks.

We are on top our peak for the week.

Does the other girl golf because

I watched her hit it into the gulf.

Janell is our assistant Coach,

Who helps us get our landing approach,

While covered up to her chin,

I don't blame her, I'm like her identical twin.

Stani aims at the bell tower

While hitting it 130 miles per hour

While the ball is soaring,

Abigail is definitely scoring.

Maria wants to wear pink but we all gotta be in sync

So she uses it as her marking ink.

We suited up in Nike fresh to death

Time to tee it up and take a deep breath.

You better respect the Lady Rebels

Because we are on that next level.

This is just a lil taste, 
I'm out,
Cuz i don't got time to waste.

Well that's all I got! I'll keep you Rebel fans updated on the course and conditions after the practice round today! 

Hotty Toddy,

Katie Voll


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