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Rebel On Presidential Campaign Trail

bilde.jpgLike every college football program, we have what seems like more than 100 team managers, most of which I never get the chance to know. But I remember Garrett Jackson. The Brookhaven native was doing grunt work for Equipment Manager Ken Crain from 2005-08. I'm not going to claim I could always recall his name back then, but I have awesome memories of him cracking me up on some bus trips. Garrett would wear a coaches' headset during games, and his recount of staff dialogue from the Coach O years are to this day some of the most hilarious Ole Miss football stories I've ever heard.

Garrett has probably picked up a few more good tales since his days with the Rebels. Since 2010, he has been the personal assistant or "body man" for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Since serving as the designated chair holder at an Iowa speaking event last fall, Garrett has been the subject of features by the New York Times, Associated Press, Clarion Ledger and even NBC's Rock Center (see below). Despite the chaos of the campaign trail, Garrett has continued to cheer hard for the Rebels with constant #hottytoddy and #flagshipfriday tweets from @dgjackson, including an occasional Ole Miss pic from the road.

We'll know tonight whether Garrett's next trip will take him to the White House, but regardless of the destination, you can guarantee the path will have plenty of laughs ... and a few hotty toddies.

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    Jamie laverty said:

    Bulmer I love you and ole Miss

    in post Fast Runner From Down Under

    Sharon Hamlin said:

    Hi! Really Bulmer is very fantastic & dedicated in his job. Really outstanding & well done... :-)

    in post Fast Runner From Down Under

    Sharon Hamlin said:

    Hi! Really motivating post & outstanding job did Bulmer .Loved it... :-)

    in post Fast Runner From Down Under

    Jack1492 said:

    Great year. I am proud of you all.

    in post Drama Rules The Day at Vaught-Hemingway

    Hunter Comstock said:

    Strange things happen to Ole Miss football teams in games played on Halloween. I don't know if I can bear to watch this one or not.

    in post Rebels Dominate In Prime-Time Spotlight

    Hunter Comstock said:

    Boy, I surely hope the Rebels don't have anymore nail biters like the Bama game. My nerves won't take it.

    in post Rebels Pass First Test in Search of Playoff Berth

    Joe Snaidauf said:

    Rebs stay healthy, they can win it all!!!

    in post Eleven Rebels Garner Phil Steele Preseason Honors

    Rhonda said:

    Coach Freeze is a genuine coach and our players and fans adore him!!

    in post Vote Freeze For Coach Of The Year

    Gary Vaughn said:

    It's great to be a Rebel fan. Coach Freeze
    Has brought back the excitement
    Competitiveness we all so desire. The
    fan base and even our doubters are
    Paying attention. Even the whole country
    Sport tLk shows ect. Are taking notice.
    After we upset Alabama this weekend
    38-27 we will bolt to a top 12 or better
    Ranking. Go Rebels

    in post Vote Freeze For Coach Of The Year

    Tom said:

    I am not and never have been an Ole Miss fan. I am however a Coach Freeze fan. I like what he represents in today's world of big time sports and what he stands for in leading young men of today into a more responsible role. He is everything that Ole Miss has never had. I am on his band wagon winning or losing.

    in post Vote Freeze For Coach Of The Year