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| is ranking every college football program based on its success over a five year period. Northern Illinois ranks 74th overall and is the third in the Mid-American Conference behind Ohio (69) and Central Michigan (59). took into account several factors such as players drafted, quality wins and what they term "bad wins" or wins over teams with three wins or fewer or any non-FBS team.

74. Northern Illinois
- 2011 Preview

Program Analysis: It seems like the ranking should be higher with so much success last year and so many good teams on a regular basis, but the 2-10 2007 season will be on the books for another few years. The APR Score of 9 is fantastic, but the Attendance Score needs to bounce back up and the conference wins have to continue. The 22 Bad Wins lead the nation, but that's not necessarily a bad thing; the Huskies beat the bad teams in the MAC. Now it's time to finally, FINALLY, win a MAC title game, and new head man Dave Doeren is good enough to take what Jerry Kill did over the last few years and make it happen.

2011 TOTAL SCORE: 45.44
2010 Ranking: 74
2009 Ranking: 69
Attendance Score: 1.79
APR Score: 9
Drafted Players: 3
FBS Wins: 29
Quality Wins: 4
Elite Win Score: 0
Bad Loss Score: 1.5
Elite Losses: 4
Bad Wins: 22
Conference Score: 6.15
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