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Neyland's 38 Team Maxims

Almost every true Tennessee fan can recite General Neyland's Seven Game Maxims by heart, but did you know that his original list had 38 maxims in total? 

Inspired by, and in some cases borrowed from the 1921 book published by his coach at West Point, Charles D. Daly, entitled American Football, How To Play It, Neyland collected a list of 38 maxims that he felt best described how to achieve success in the game of football. 

Below is the complete list of Neyland's 38 Team Maxims, as compiled in Andy Kozar's book, Football as a War Game -- The Annotated Journals of General R.R. Neyland

1. Thou shalt charge a block.
2. Thou shalt charge a fight.
3. A good interferer never looks back.
4. One good interferer is worth 3 ball carrying stars.
5. A team that won't be beat can't be beat.
6. The team that makes the fewest mistakes win.
7. Never stop till the referee's whistle blows.
8. Press the kicking game.
9. Make and play for the breaks. One comes your way, score.
10. If the game or a break goes against you, don't lie down, put on more steam.
11. Don't save yourself. Go the limit. There are good men on the sidelines when you are exhausted. 
12. Football is a battle. Go out to fight and keep it up all afternoon.
13. A man's value to his team varies inversely as his distance from the ball.
14. If the line goes forward, the team wins; if it comes backward, the team loses.
15. Never lose the ball on downs.
16. You can't fight like a man with less than 100% loyalty and college spirit.
17. You can't do yourself justice without getting and staying in condition. 
18. At least 3 men make every tackle, "Gang Tacklers." 
19. Let none escape!
20. 1st rush equals 6 yds.
21. Eleven men in every play.
22. Use your head. 75 percent of football is above the neck.
23. One increasing purpose.
24. A quitter never wins & a winner never quits. 
25. Keep everlastingly on the job.
26. Be the first to line up.
27. Never stop fighting.
28. No good blocker and tackler was ever kept off a football team.
29. Use your eyes, your hands, your legs, and your head.
30. Be aggressive, you can't win the game on your side of the scrimmage line.
31. If the game is going against you, keep your head up, set your jaw, and dig in. This is what tests the stuff you are made of.
32. Hate & abhor the scrimmage line; it is a restraining mark.
33. "Turf" their defense! Get them down!
34. A winning team quickens its play as it nears the goal line!
35. Get the jump on your teammates on the charge.
36. Follow the ball!
37. Play your own position well first.
38. Line -- charge with the ball!