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Cal athletes get plenty of recognition for the way they perform during competition, yet their work throughout the week generally goes unnoticed. Not any more.

As I mentioned earlier, today I am shadowing the men's swimming and diving team throughout their second workout of the day, which began at 1:00 p.m. in the weight room on the first floor of Haas Pavilion.

I brought along Bear Blog photographer James Besser (who also happens to be a rugby all-American) to capture all the action that you can't see anywhere else.

The No. 1 Bears have numerous athletes who have achieved success at the international and NCAA levels. Here's an exclusive look at the work they do to stay on top (with another post from their water workout to come).

Cal Swimming - Weights
Sophomore Tom Shields warms up while coach Dave Durden (above) looks on.

Cal Swimming - Weights

Olympian Nathan Adrian (left) warms up with a teammate in the Haas weight room.

Cal Swimming - Weights

Junior Isaac Howell works out on a slide board.

Cal Swimming - Weights

Sophomore Nick Trowbridge in the middle of a clean-pull lift.

Cal Swimming - Weights
A Cal swimmer elevates off the platform during his lifting regimen.