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The Cal women's lacrosse tilt last night against Lafayette was in many respects a very sloppy matter.

With the first half of play occurring an incessant downpour, the artificial turf on Witter Rugby Field collected water, the pace of play slowed and simple ball mechanics like scooping ground balls became more difficult.

Before the start of the game, one of Cal's players noted that "weather can be the great equalizer, but it won't be today." Her claim held true as the Bears played impressively and took control of the game early, eventually dropping the Leopards 13-10.

Despite the conditions, we were on hand with Bear Blog photographer James Besser to catch Cal in action. Check out those photos below.

Senior goalkeeper came ready to play, eye black and all.

Sophomore Gina Holslag waits as the official checks to make sure her stick meets all requirements.

The Bears stand for the national anthem under the lights for the first time.

Shropshire, a senior and captain, breaks out her dance moves before taking the field.

Coach Theresa Sherry speaks to her team in the pouring rain.


Tuesday brought driving rain and cutting wins to Witter Rugby Field, but it didn't stop history from being made.

 After years of calling the light-less Memorial Stadium home, the Cal women's lacrosse team hosted Lafayette last night at 7:00 p.m. for the program's first ever game under the lights at home.

The brutal weather didn't stop the Bear Blog from covering this quietly historic occasion, and we were even in the locker room (and momentarily protected from the rain) before the game. Here are some photos from head coach Theresa Sherry's talk to the Bears before they took the field.

Coach Sherry leads off the Bear's starting lineup for her program's first ever night game.

Senior goalkeeper Allie Shorpshire (center) listens to her coach's strategic directions.

The Bears break out of the locker room before stepping out into the downpour waiting for them outside.


The Cal women's lacrosse team is currently in Evanston, Illinois awaiting a showdown with powerhouse (and currently No. 2) Northwestern at 1:00 p.m. PT this afternoon.

The 2010 NCAA Runner-Ups will may be the biggest test for the Bears during the regular season, as senior captain and goalkeeper Allie Shropshire can attest. We caught up with her earlier this week, so here's what she had to say about the match up.

David Seawright:
What kind of mental focus are you carrying into such a big game?

Allie Shropshire: The mental focus is that we'll have to outwork them in every aspect of the game. We may not be more skilled than them but the one thing we can control is how hard we work.

DS: You guys are traveling to the east coast for the second trip in a row - what kind of challenges does that present?

AS: It definitely takes a bit out of you with the jet lag and everything. We actually [had] a five o'clock leave time [Thursday morning] so we'll get adjusted to the new time zone real quick. We'll have a practice Thursday and then the game Friday. It'll be nice to have a little bit time to get used to the time zone though.

DS: As a goalie, what type of individual challenge are you facing against the Wildcats?

AS: The individual challenge is that they'll shoot anytime from anywhere, with looking, without looking, behind the cage, in front of the cage. I'll have to be ready at all times.

DS: As a senior and captain, what are you emotions heading into what may be the toughest challenge of the season?

My emotions are that this is one of 7 or 8 games that we have in the next three weeks so this is the tone that'll be set for those games. I want to set a good leadership example and work hard myself and hopefully everyone else will follow suit.


One of my favorite things about the athletes who go to Cal is that they do so much more than perform admirably on the field. Each student-athlete specifically selected to attend such a challenging university because of the numerous opportunities available after graduation.

Here's a great example of one such athlete. Sophomore low attacker Gina Holslag of the Cal women's lacrosse team (you may remember her from this post last week) has aspirations to work on television after college. The Cal Sports Report heard about this dream and featured her this week, which you can watch right here.


In what sophomore low attacker Gina Holslag aptly described as an "emotional roller coaster," the Cal women's lacrosse team had about as eventful a weekend as they come.

It all began on Friday morning when the team learned that they were to be preserved as a varsity sport at Cal. With each player fulfilling their normal Friday morning requirements of class, discussion section or down time - it was, after all, a game day - news spread quickly as the team celebrated with one another via text messages and phone calls.

Despite the excitement, the Bears had to regain focus to face No. 10 Notre Dame at Witter Rugby Field on Friday afternoon to kick off their 2011 campaign. Although Cal lost that game, it came back strong on Sunday with a commanding 15-11 win over UC Davis in its MPSF conference opener.

So, what is to be made of all of this? Following the win over UC Davis, I caught up with Holslag to discuss the weekend. Check out that interview plus some pictures from the weekend below.

David Seawright: What is your immediate reaction to being reinstated after thinking for months that this would be your last lacrosse season ever?

Gina Holslag: I'm stoked. I'm ready to bring it back. I'm ready to dominate, sort of like we did today, and that's about it."

DS: And what about after notching your first win of the 2011 season?

GH: It feels amazing - it feels awesome. We lost to this team last year and they're in the MPSF conference, so winning now looks pretty good for the MPSF championship, which we also plan on winning.

DS: After scoring three goals on the weekend, including two in today's victory, is it safe to call you a goal scoring machine?

GH: Maybe we should wait for me to get a couple more games under my belt before we go with that, but I'm planning on becoming one.

DS: What is most exciting to you: tyour team being preserved, scoring two goals in the first win of the season, or being featured on the first day of the all new Bear Blog on

GH: I guess I would pretty much call it a three-way tie, just because I'm stoked that we just won, I'm really happy for our future plans now that we've been reinstated and I can't even fathom how awesome it is that I'll be on the first day of the Bear Blog. So yeah, it's a three-way tie.

Cal Lacrosse
Senior captain Allie Shropshire (number 31) leads the Bears onto Witter Rugby Field.

Cal Lacrosse
Sophomore Clemmy Little looks on as her teammates warm up for the Notre Dame game.

Cal Lacrosse
Sophomore Gina Holslag is introduced pregame.

Cal Lacrosse
The Cal defense huddles around goalie Allie Shropshire during its season opener against Notre Dame.