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Weekly Press Conference -- Jeff Tedford

Football coach Jeff Tedford speaks at Tuesday's weekly press conference:

Cal opened its 2010 training camp on Saturday at Memorial Stadium. Visit for a recap, while check out what head coach Jeff Tedford told reporters after the workout below.

On the wide receivers in the freshman class
"There were some good young recruits that are here for the first day. It was really nice to see those guys running around a little bit. The receiving core, for a young group, you could tell they have some ability, but it's going to be a process."

On the freshman class
"It was everything we saw on film. There's a lot of potential there, but as I said it's a long process. This was the first day and it was very basic. There's going to come a point of a little overload mentally. That's what you fight, mainly. It's not so much the physical ability; it's now the learning curve to get new guys in the loop."

On Keenan Allen

"He's a really good looking player. He can run. He's got great range. He's physical. He catches the ball very, very well. He along with Tevin [Carter], Kaelin [Clay], Coleman [Edmond], really have a lot of ability."

On Marvin Jones
"Marvin is the same old Marvin. You know what you're going to get with Marvin. He's solid. The thing about Marvin is that he's a great leader. He's taken these young guys under his wing and is spending time with those guys. Even when Marvin is going to scout team and we're walking through things, he's coaching those guys up all the time. He's a great leader."

On the team's tangible goals
"Just to focus on the process, take one day at a time and work to be our best. It's a long camp. Then, for the season it's the same thing. We'll just continue to focus on the process, what our values you are and how we work every day, how we prepare every day."

On the team's running backs
"We know what Shane [Vereen] can do so that's one of the goals of camp, to find who the backup tailback is, or who the group of backup tailbacks are going to be because we never like one guy to carry the load. You need some depth there. In camp, that's what we're really looking to do."

On what he wants to see out of Kevin Riley
"Consistency. I think he's got a pretty good grip on the offense, so to put everything together and just be consistent."

On which areas the team is looking to improve in
"All areas, every one of them. We have to get better on offense, we have to get better on defense, and we have to get better on special teams. That's why we're here. That's why we're practicing."

On if he sees anything different in Kevin Riley in training camp compared to the spring of 2010
"It's still early, after one practice. So no, I wouldn't say that there's a major difference from spring."

On the music during stretching
"When we're stretching at the end of practice and the beginning of practice, stretching can get very monotonous with the same stretches every day and things like that. So it's something to spice it up, get us enthusiastic for practice and get a little energy. That's what that's about."

On whether his players have any input on the musical choices during stretching
"I'm sure they do. The music choice? The players always have a voice. It's their team. They have a voice, but I still have all the votes [laughter]."

On the different routine in practice with much of the team's operations located in the Strawberry Canyon surge facility
"There are some things that aren't normal for us to have to go there and go back. There's a lot of back and forth with it, so our time table is very, very tight right now ... It kind of reminds me of back in the day before we had this [turf] field at Memorial Stadium when we practiced up there [at Witter Field]."

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