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Catching up with Cam

10FB Jordan-Cameron mug 157.jpgHave you ever wondered what a first-round NFL Draft prospect does in the hours before he's drafted ... "interviews, interviews, interviews" and apparently affable former Cal defensive lineman Cameron Jordan doesn't mind doing them. Here's a few more snippets from a recent phone conversation (i.e., interview) had with him a few minutes ago from New York.

What's the vibe' been like since you arrived in New York yesterday?
"It's all good. There's a lot of things going on. Everybody's busy."

What you been up to?
"I missed ringing the [New York Stock Exchange] bell, but so far I've done a lot of different things. I've been to Radio City Music Hall ... I've just sort of been everywhere. I went to the Niketown, that's sort of what I've been happy about."

Who's the coolest person you've met since you've been in New York?
Besides my agents, assistants and my publicist [laughter from he and his publicist in the background] ... I reintroduced myself to Jerry Rice, I met Landry Fields."

Landry Fields the NBA guy? Did you know he was from Stanford?
"Yeah, I ragged on him but it's cool."

What's the rest of your day look like?

"I'm doing interviews all day. That's all I'm doing, interviews, interviews, interviews. Hopefully that will get my stock moving upwards. I'm projecting myself, nah I'm just playin'. Hopefully I'll get some East Coast attention. It started at like 6 Eastern."

What do you think you're going to feel like when your name is called?
"When my name is called, I'm going to book my flight to go home. I'm going to party it up like it's 1969 [laughter]. I'm actually supposed to go home Monday and then I'll probably have to wait for the weekend for people to not have things to do. I'm in New York through the weekend."

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day, Cam, and we wish you the best of luck tonight.

Draft Day Starts Early

2011-04-28 Early Morning Interview at Fox Studios.jpeg

Cameron Jordan will be featured on CSN Bay Area's SportsNet Central on Wednesday night with a video piece called Pursuit of a Dream. Tune in at 7:30 or 10:30 p.m. to catch it.

Hangin in NYC the subway is for me

2011-04-27 Subway with Friend.jpeg

2011-04-27 Subway.jpeg

Cam's in NYC

Cam arrived in New York City for the 2011 NFL Draft and already he's hitting us on his Twitter account. Here's what he's tweeted to us so far.

  • Did I mention I just landed in NY

2011-04-27 Arriving in NYC.jpeg
  • NY! Staying at the w

2011-04-27 The w Hotel.jpeg
  • hoofin it to niketown. 10 blocks down

We'll see what he comes up with yet. Thanks, Cam