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Hey Catamount softball fans,





Our first tournament starts a week from today in Charleston, S.C. We are so excited to get out on the field and play after being cooped up in the gym for practice with all the snow.


We have been taking advantage of any "warm" weather we can get to be out on the field, and have finally been able to be outside a little bit this week.


We have been working our pitchers pretty hard getting some live at-bats any chance we can get. We have also been doing a lot of situational defense to make sure we are ready for competition. We are looking pretty smooth if I do say so myself. Not only have we been focusing on getting our physical game ready, but we've also been working on our mental game and deciding what we want to accomplish this season.


Last night we had a team meeting to put together our goals for the year and two words that kept coming up were "limitless" and "relentless." By working on having those two qualities, it is our goal this season to change the way people view Catamount softball.


This team is one of the most dedicated and passionate teams I have ever played on, and we are so ready to prove to everyone what we are made of. Despite what any pre-season rankings have to say, we are ready to make this season one to remember, and we hope you guys will come out and support us. 


Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels this month as we will be on the road every weekend for the rest of the month of February.


Also, don't forget about our first home game March 15th against Elon. We are hoping to pack out the stands with screaming fans, so please come out and support your Catamount softball team! I hope you all have a great Valentines weekend coming up and until next time... 




Taylor Sigmon #15

Taylor Sigmon Blog - First of 2014


Hey Catamount softball fans,

I hope you are as ready for the Catamount softball season as we are.

With a record of 7-0-1 in the fall, we are eagerly awaiting the start of the season this spring. We have all been working very hard throughout the fall, whether it was in the weight room getting stronger and faster, or on the field practicing and learning more about the game.

This team is going to look much different than last year with seven players leaving and seven new players coming in, including six talented freshmen and one transfer. All of these players contributed to the team very well in the fall and it seems as if they are all going to have great careers here at Western Carolina.

The whole team is getting along very well and you would think that we have been playing together our whole lives. We are just one big happy family and we all have the same attitude in that we are determined to have a great season.

Our first tournament of the season is at College of Charleston on February 14. I know many of you will not make it to Charleston, but we would love to see you all at our first home game against Elon on March 15th!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I pray that you all have a great year!

 God Bless and GO CATS!

Taylor Sigmon #15



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    Preston Jacobsen said:

    Nice mention Taylor! Us Left Field Loonies will certainly be ready! We are working on a website as we speak and looking to get sponsored by a few local companies! Omaha! Omaha! Big goals.

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