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One-On-One with Senior Track and Field Thrower, Taylor Slaney

Taylor Slaney Transformation Tuesday.jpgPhotographs Courtesy of Pitt Athletics and Taylor Slaney.

Q: What has been the most surprising transformation over the past four years?
"Being on this team for four years with the same people you learn to develop your skill set, but more importantly you become a family."

Q: How has your mentality changed towards throwing from freshman year until now?
Slaney: "I have and will always want to win. I came in a bit naive as a freshman so I quickly learned that you don't always win and that was the hardest part for me."

Q: As a senior, what is the main goal heading into your final season?
Slaney: "Now that it's getting towards the end of the road, I need to get to nationals. The pressure heading into my senior year compared to previous years is much different.  Now as a senior, every meet counts more and more. It's stressful, but I work well under pressure. Last year, I broke a school record. This year, my only goal is to make it to nationals and to become an All-American."

Q: What has been the biggest surprise in your Pitt athletic career? 
Slaney: "If someone would have told me freshman year, I would break a school record and throw for 50-meters, I would have told them they were crazy. When I came in I expected to improve and throw far, but I would have never expected 50-meters. Breaking the school record was an awesome feeling. It had nothing to do with getting my name on some piece of paper. Personally, it was a huge deal for me."

Q: Personally, how did you acclimate to life as a student-athlete?
Slaney: "It was really, really hard for me coming in as a freshman and it still is hard for me. I have learned better ways to manage my time toward school work and being an athlete. I can never use being an athlete as an excuse, because we have the assistance at Pitt to be successful. During the season, we travel almost every weekend, but the time is available to get our work done. We bring our work with us almost any where - even our track meets, because sometimes that's what you have to do." 

VIDEO: Pitt Defeats Niagara 78-45

Pitt Men's Basketball vs. Niagara
1st Half 2nd Half Final
Pitt 46 32 78
Niagara 22 23 45

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