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Outtakes From Big East Media Day

Ray Graham is back on RG TV at the clambake the night before Big East media day, which was held in Newport, R.I., on July 31. Coach Chryst isn't buying into Ray's new self-proclaimed television network.

Clips From Big East Media Day

Head coach Paul Chryst and senior running back Ray Graham spoke to the cameras at Big East media day on Tuesday. What was the question of the day? You guessed it. "When can we expect Ray back on the field?" Listen in to their answers.

Chryst Gains Fans In Newport

First-year head coach Paul Chryst earned a lot of fans at his first conference media day with his humble demeanor and obvious love for teaching the game. Those of us who have the privilege of working closely with him see yet another side, including a sharp sense of humor and genuine attentiveness to those he comes in contact with. Word of Chryst around Newport is spreading fast.

"He seems like the kind of guy that Pitt needs ," said ESPN.com senior writer Ivan Maisel.

"Paul is extremely comfortable in his own skin," Maisel continued. "I think that radiates off of him and it is that comfort level and self-confidence that I would assume a team that has been though this (coaching transition) needs."

Pitt players in attendance at Big East media day agree that Chryst is exactly what the Panthers need.

"He's a great guy," said junior defensive tackle Aaron Donald. "Just being around him, I enjoy him a lot. He's a funny guy but when it comes down to it he's all business. He really is such a great guy."

"He has such a good personality," said senior running back Ray Graham. "He always has jokes for us. You always get a good laugh from him. But what's also important is that he's very reasonable and understanding."

Pitt fans are going to have plenty of opportunities to get to know Coach Chryst, and his humor, early this season as we follow him and the Panthers through training camp on Pitt Live Wire.

Ray Graham Interviews Brother

Senior running back Ray Graham took some time at Big East media day to interview his brother, Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene. In addition to their personal relationship, the duo is in the unique position of earning preseason accolades as the offensive and defensive players of the year respectively. They discuss their trip to Newport and the impending meeting between the Scarlet Knights and the Panthers.

The clambake at the Big East Media Day in Newport, R.I., is always a highlight. Ray Graham captured the unveiling of the lobster and clams after the steaming process on Monday night as a part of "RG TV."

Ray Graham Television (RG TV)

As the Pitt football team heads to Big East Media Day on Monday, Ray Graham hosts "RG TV" as he interviews fellow teammates Aaron Donald and Jarred Holley on the trip to Newport, R.I. Let's hope as the trip goes on Ray's video skills improve!

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