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Transformation Tuesday: Jessica Wynn

jessica wynn transformation tuesday

Q: How have you grown as a volleyball player here at the University of Pittsburgh?

Wynn: "Looking back over the past four years, I feel like a completely different person and volleyball player. When I came in, we did well my freshman year, but not nearly as well as we are playing right now. We are overall a better team. I finally feel like I'm a part of a program. Coach Fisher has taken over this team and he has changed the whole morale. Coach Fisher makes it more of an experience instead of four years and done. "

Wynn: "Athletically, I've become better especially because of Coach Fisher. He has spent a lot of time working with myself and every individual on our team. As a freshman, I came in as a hitter, but now I'm more of a dynamic player. I'm even a better passer, and that's because Coach has taken the time to go over the fundamentals."

Q: Do you ever look back on your freshman year, and are you surprised by how much you've improved as a player? 

Wynn: "Freshman year, I feel like I played with reckless abandon especially with feeling nervous during a game. I remember we played against Louisville my freshman year - I was praying that they wouldn't serve me, or set to me. In the end, it was really cool because we upset Louisville, but I distinctly remember how nervous I was during that match. It's funny to look back, because I've adapted into my role. I now have the most sets on the team this season. I've totally embraced that role, and it makes me laugh to look back because that once terrified me."

Q: What other changes have you noticed about yourself as a volleyball player?

Wynn: "A newfound confidence, which has developed from my close relationships with the team and my coaches. Freshman year, I was kind of in my own world, but now I truly feel a part of this program. There is so much mutual respect among my teammates and with our coaches. It gives me so much more confidence, because I know exactly what is expected from me."

Wynn: "We are an extremely close group. We choose to be best friends with one another. It's not, 'oh, this is just the hand we've been dealt'. We consciously make each other an important part of our lives. I fully plan on maintaining these relationships and staying in touch with my teammates once I am no longer at Pitt. Those close relationships do transfer onto the court. Recently, when we played against Syracuse, one of my teammates was hit directly in the face. Instead of consoling her, I knew she would want me to get her fired up and joke around. In sticky situations you know how to treat your teammates and how to react in any given situation."

Q: Looking beyond the court and into the classroom, how has Pitt helped you improve and adjust to the life of a student-athlete?

Wynn: "In high school, I thought of myself as an athlete only. As soon as I came to Pitt, they changed my way of thinking and emphasized the fact that you are a student-athlete. The expectations are set and maintaining your grades is a requirement. Even when Coach Fisher came here, he made it clear what his expectations were on the court and in the classroom. It's funny how it works, because when you're winning you become even more motivated. It makes you want to do even better in school and participate in more community service projects. Its as if you feel a part of something bigger than yourself and the goal is to make the experience special by doing all the other little things."   




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