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Legends of the Game - Pitt vs. Miami: James Conner, Nov. 29, 2014

Five Facts about James Conner vs. Miami:

  1. Fighting through injury, Conner led Pitt to a 35-23 win at Miami in 2014.
  2. Conner scored twice to break Tony Dorsett's Pitt single season TD record.
  3. Conner finished with 75 yards on 16 carries as the Panthers became bowl eligible.
  4. The sophomore RB would go on to be named ACC Player of the Year.
  5. It was Pitt's first win at Miami since 1963.

MUST WATCH: James Conner's First Touchdown of the 2016 Season

Pitt Football Fall Camp Coverage: August 8, 2016

#Pitt football is back. So is James Conner. #ConnerStrong #ThePursuit #H2P #PittCamp16

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2015 Pitt Football Camp Coverage: August 10, 2015

Photo Gallery

blog football

And so it begins. #PittCamp15 is officially underway #H2P

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@coachduzzpittfb doing work on the sleds

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James Conner: Highlights, News and Notes

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JAMES CONNER IN THE NEWS James Conner's newfound fame a product of his accomplishments
Bleacher Report: How James Conner went from unwanted recruit to All-American RB
Tribune-Review: Pitt star running back Conner likes to give back, savors charity work Pitt's James Conner follows Aaron Donald's path Molded by his family, Pitt's James Conner rushing into record books
Tribune-Review: Pitt star running back Conner adjusting to higher profile
CBS Pittsburgh (text and audio): Conner wants wins, not awards
Tribune-Review: Pitt's Conner is a hard runner with a soft side

Pitt star Conner befriends ailing Erie boy

The pain racing through James Conner's hip was so intense he was forced to do the unthinkable:

He sat out the second half of last year's Pitt/Syracuse game.

But before going to the sideline to watch the remainder of Pitt's 30-7 victory, the star running back turned his attention to a 6-year-old boy to whom he had made a promise.

Before the game, Conner told Roman Pfister, who was recovering from his third open heart surgery, that he would score a touchdown for him.

Click here to read the full story by Jerry DiPaola Five ACC offensive player of the year candidates

james conner blog

Jared Shanker, ESPN Staff Writer
The stars of the ACC have moved on, which means it's time for a new crop of standout players to emerge. Seven players received a vote for the offensive player of the year and defensive player of the year award in 2014, but only one of those seven, Pittsburgh's James Conner, returns this fall, opening the door for fresh faces. Click here to read the full story on

VIDEO: James Conner GoPro Helmet Cam

VIDEO: James Conner Highlights vs. UNC

"You've just got to let the beast out." - James Conner Feature

Pitt Football Weekly Press Conference - October 27, 2014 MUST READ: Pitt's James Conner follows Donald's path

james conner blog

Pitt running back James Conner has a little bit of Aaron Donald in him. The traits they share do not seem coincidental when you consider the attributes that turn good players into great ones.

They are both relentless, aggressive, physical, constantly churning and mostly impossible to stop -- stat-producing machines who demand constant attention.

Is it any wonder they have become poster children for the Panthers' program over the past two seasons? Not in blue-collar Pittsburgh, a town that prides itself on its hard-working, no-nonsense tough guys. Conner and Donald fit the mold more than most.

Click here to read the full article by Andrea Adelson on

VIDEO: James Conner | In Focus

conner blog

By Brian Hamilton

During their frequent basement wrestling contests, the Conner boys broke a lot of things: lamps, numerous walls, coffee tables, couch legs, futons. Sometimes they made up stories about why stuff was broken, but their parents knew. At one point the action moved outdoors, to a new backyard trampoline with netting around it. The boys ripped the netting off on the first day. In about two weeks the trampoline collapsed to the ground.

Click here to read the full article on

Sophomore running back James Conner and redshirt junior center Artie Rowell were on the Starkey and Mueller Show on Thursday afternoon previewing the upcoming 2014 Pitt football season. If you missed any of the hour-long segment on 93.7 The Fan, we have the entire Pod Cast for you here. 

The Panthers begin training camp on August 4th in preparation for their season opener against Delaware on August 30th at Heinz Field. 


(Photo courtesy of 93.7 The Fan)

#ManCrushMonday - May 19, 2014

man crush monday mcm

James Conner 2013 Highlights

The 2014 Pitt football schedule will be released later today. While you're waiting, build the anticipation with these season highlights from freshman RB James Conner -- a guy you'll see plenty of at Heinz Field this coming year!




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