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Caption That Photo: Todd Thomas


So, our first "Caption That Photo" was a fun one. We couldn't manufacture this photo again if we wanted to - although I'm sure Todd Thomas would like to try!


Your comments on Facebook and Twitter to @PittAthletics were priceless and we've selected a few of our favorites below. Thanks, as always, for your participation!


Facebook posts:

Yunuen M. Valenzuela: "Look ma! No hands!"

Anthony Moretti: "Superman told me this was easy."

Wayne Hulse: "I believe I can fly!"

Scottie Klinger: "Uhhh...How do I get down?"

Elizabeth Cromwell Austin: "Does someone need a hug?"

Matt Bithell: "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a Panther!"

Jeremy Helinski: "That escalated quickly."

Dave Roman Jr.: "Pitt Football...Soaring into the ACC!"

Michael Stahl: "Pitt Airlines Flight 8, you're cleared for landing on Runway 12..."

Daniel Marlowe: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Pitt is the greatest, we're going to the ACC."

Nate Wrigley: "Where you going, bro? I just want a hug."

Ross Kowalsky: "The weather for today will be partly cloudy with a chance of Todd Thomas by mid-afternoon..."

Timothy Arbes: "How to squeeze an Orange, Panther style..."


Twitter posts:

@tanman_82: it's a bird, it's a plane, its Todd Thomas

@TooWavy59: "YMCA"

@PittScot: "ACC, this is Pitt Football flight control: we're cleared for landing."







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