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Transformation Aysia Bugg

How have you changed as a player since you've been at Pitt?
Bugg: I've taken on much more of a leadership role - being more of a factor whether it be scoring or getting my teammates involved, defensively or whatever my team needs.

Even since my freshman year, we've really been thrown into the starting lineup pretty quick. My sophomore year, a lot of the seniors left, so a couple of us were forced to be the leaders. Even though we weren't ready, we took on that role. Coming into my junior year, I feel like I'm already a senior - I feel like I've been leading for three years. Showing my team mates the way - how to and how to not do things. I'm still learning myself. It's a learning process for everybody.

What has been your favorite moment so far?
Bugg: When they called our name on the screen (for the NCAA Tournament). They were in the last region and our name popped up - everybody was going crazy. All of the ESPN cameras were in our locker room and they were filming us. We really didn't know that we were going to get in. I think a lot of teams know they're going to get in, but we really had no idea. When they showed us on TV, we were jumping in the air, falling on the ground - it was great. I couldn't believe it. I was just excited. I didn't expect that.

How have you managed to become a successful student & DI athlete?
Bugg: Learning how to balance academics, athletics and social life. To succeed in academics and athletics, you need to find time for both. My time management skills have helped me successful most.

Pitt's Life Skills department has helped me with connections and internships. They also host the leadership conferences where they take a select few athletes from each team which helps us bond and get to know everyone else.

Do you have any advice to give to future student-athletes?
Bugg: Put the time in to everything, whether it be school or basketball. Even if basketball isn't something you want to do after college, just put the time in. If you want to be successful academically, put the time in. You're not just going to get good grades, put the time in and get the results you want.

VIDEO: Aysia Bugg and Monica Wignot Postgame Recap vs. #8/6 UNC

Pitt Women's Basketball vs. #8/#6 UNC
1st Half 2nd Half Final
Pitt 40 44 84
#8/#6 UNC 30 29 59

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